Your Vision, Our Future

Closed 17 Jan 2022

Opened 20 Oct 2021


The Commission on Taxation and Welfare was established earlier this year and is an independent body tasked by Government to “review how best the taxation and welfare system can support economic activity and income redistribution, whilst promoting increased employment and prosperity in a resilient, inclusive and sustainable way and ensuring that there are sufficient resources available to meet the costs of public services and supports in the medium and longer term.” The specific terms of reference for the Commission can be found on the Commission website.

The taxation system provides the investment we make as citizens and as businesses for the public services we use - from our roads and bridges, to our hospitals and schools. More than simply a revenue-raising facility, a nation’s taxation system is a fundamental element of the apparatus of the State, influencing behaviour and driving economic activity.

For those of working age, our social welfare system serves to temporarily replace income lost to periods of unemployment, injury, disability, sickness or maternity. And where earnings from employment are insufficient to avoid poverty or social exclusion, our system intervenes to provide a floor below which income will not fall. Our social welfare system has a crucial role in cushioning sudden income loss, supporting families and encouraging employment for people in all situations.

Together, the tax and welfare systems are fundamental to implementing the social and economic aims of government. These are the most important instruments that we have to provide a safety net, to provide for income redistribution, to pay for the needs of our society. Together the taxation and welfare systems help us create our own future. Continuing to build the best versions of these systems benefits not only ourselves but also the generations yet to come. That is why the Commission’s work will consider how best to deliver well-designed, coherent and straightforward taxation and welfare systems, to ensure a fully functioning, sustainable labour market, active inclusion and participation in society.

Your Vision, Our Future - Public Consultation document provides additional information on the key issues in this consultation. The document is also available in Irish. 

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Why your views matter

We want to hear from as many people as possible to ensure that a diverse range of experiences and perspectives inform the development of the report of the Commission, which is due in July 2022. You don’t need to be an expert on tax and/or welfare policy for your opinion to be valued. We want to hear from as many people, groups and organisations as possible and we look forward to considering a broad range of diverse views as we continue our work into next year.

What happens next

Your Vision, Our Future - the public consultation of the Commission on Taxation and Welfare is now closed. The Commission would like to thank all those who contributed for their very valuable contributions to this important process. 

Responses received will be considered by the Commission. 

The Commission is expected to submit its report to the Minister for Finance by no later than 1 July 2022